Forever rose box

Rare Occasions Perfect for Forever Roses

It’s safe to say that a Forever Rose Box will make a wonderful present for plenty of regular holidays and occasions. However, there are also plenty of rare occasions and events which you can mark with a spectacular, unique gift! While you may wish to treat your loved ones to birthday flowers and anniversary gifts, what about those occasions and celebrations which might not come along too often? Here are some great occasions and events where you can brighten up the unique festivities with a unique gift.

The Birth of a Child
The birth of a child is a once-in-a-lifetime event – at least, it is for them! Celebrate the arrival of a baby with a box of coloured Forever Roses – it could be the perfect way for you to celebrate their first year. That’s especially true, as Forever Roses are guaranteed to last at least 12 months. They will also make great presents for baby showers and pregnancy announcements, as the flowers will still be around when he or she finally makes an appearance!

Educational Achievement

Graduating from college or university is a huge, life-changing event! Therefore, why not mark it with a spectacular, enduring gift? You could mark the graduation of a loved one with a spectacular box of gold Forever Roses. What better way to mark their first year out of education? They will serve as a fantastic reminder as to how proud you are of them. They will be able to look on them as inspiration – and they will stay with them for at least a year!

Sporting Victories

Know someone who’s an avid footballer? What about a budding athlete? Have they just won a big award? Have they celebrated being part of a cup-winning team? Once again, a wonderful bunch of gold Forever Roses, for example – will really help to mark the occasion. A spectacular bunch of Forever Roses will, again, serve as a beautiful reminder of all that they have managed in the past year, as a new season comes to pass.

Teacher Gifts

Our teachers and tutors do an awful lot for us. The best teachers are the ones who set us up for life. Are you leaving college or university soon? Why not treat your teacher to a Forever Rose Box? Show them how much they have meant to you throughout your education. They can hold onto their roses for at least a year, as a clear reminder of one of their success stories – you!

Engagement Parties

Weddings and engagement parties are likely to play host to plenty of flowers and blooms. Therefore, why not give something that stands out from the crowd? If you know someone who is getting married soon after their engagement, you could gift a Forever Rose Box which will last all the way through to the big day. What a wonderful way to mark the day!

Think Outside of the Rose Box!

Do you have a unique occasion or event coming up? Then, surely it deserves a unique gift! Choose a spectacular Forever Rose Box for that special someone in your life.
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