Forever rose box

Roses Are Red… And Blue… And Gold!

Red roses are the perfect symbol of love, of passion and of appreciation for someone special in your life. How many red roses must florists go through on a yearly basis whenever Valentine's Day rolls around? That being said, any flower enthusiast will know that roses come in all kinds of colours, shapes and styles. Red roses just happen to be the most popular, though even that is arguable!

Therefore, why not think about buying something a little different to the average red rose? You could choose a demure pink, a lovely white, or – and bear with us here – a bouquet of gold roses! But hang on – since when do gold roses grow in the wild?

Unique Flower Colours
They don't! Using spectacular Ecuadorian and Colombian roses, we treat our blooms and bunches with a formula and a colour that's completely harmless. This means that you can buy spectacular gold roses, bright blue bunches, and even bouncing baby pink roses in their own wonderful presentation boxes.

It's a great way to show someone that you care about them. Yes – a red rose is a lovely gift – but what if you are looking for something seriously unique? Surely it makes sense to try and push the envelope a little?

Long-Lasting Luxury
Of course, the main reason why people invest in Forever Roses is, of course, for the fact that they last a long time to come! You can buy a Forever Rose which will endure months of vase or shelf life. But how? Surely you will need to throw flowers away after a few weeks?

Normally, yes. However, Forever Roses last much longer than any other gift in a similar line. That's thanks to our unique formula and treatment. Our treatments will ensure that roses last for months beyond their initial lifespan, meaning that you can have a unique, colourful rose gift on display for over a year after you first give or receive them.

The fact is, a Forever Rose will take away the need for you to look after your blooms, too. Even the most stunning-looking roses will, sadly, wilt after only a short time. Therefore, it surely makes sense to try and keep hold of a beautiful bunch of flowers for as long as physically possible!
A Colourful Gift For All to Enjoy
Colourful Forever Roses make for the perfect gift for people of all ages, men and women included. Who won't like to add a bit of colour into their lives? It's time to start looking at unique gifts that you can give to the most wonderful people in your life.

Red roses are undeniably a classic choice. We're pleased to offer them as part of our unique gifts selections! However, for something a little more spectacular, why not go for a colour completely out of left-field? Take a look at our ranges, boxes and gift ideas, and let us know if we can help with anything in the meantime.

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