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Roses That Last Longer Than a Year – Believe It!

Roses are, undeniably, some of the most stunning flowers you can buy for a loved one. They are an enduring symbol of love, which is why they are so often bought and given as gifts on important occasions. From Valentine's Day to anniversaries, birthdays and even Christmas, there really isn't a time of year or a date on the calendar when a rose bouquet isn't going to be the perfect gift idea.
However, roses, like all plants and flowers, will normally only have a very limited shelf-life. While they may look gorgeous for up to a few weeks, they will, after a while, start to wilt and fade away. It's a crying shame that some of the world's most beautiful blooms have to end in such a way. However, as people will known and understand, it's the way of the world.
But no longer! Did you know that you can buy roses which will last more than a year after receiving them? No – it's not a joke – instead of purchasing roses straight out of the florist or from a local shop, you can now buy special flowers which are treated to withstand extensive amounts of time. This is where Forever Roses come in!
What Are Forever Roses?
Forever Roses, as the name suggests, are flowers which last much longer than the average blooms or bouquets you may buy from a shop or florist. Our Forever Roses are completely natural Ecuadorian and Colombian species, available in a huge variety of colours and styles. But what is it that makes them so enduring?
We treat our roses with a solution that helps to keep them looking fantastic all year round. This harmless solution is applied to the flower at the point where it grows to its most beautiful point – effectively freezing them in time for you to enjoy for months to come!
The Perfect, Long-Lasting Gift
Forever Roses make for the perfect gift for flower lovers thanks to their incredible longevity. The fact is, a rose might look lovely, but it is only going to weather so much time. It can be really disappointing when you come to throw your bouquets away. They are beautiful while they last! But unless you take photos of them to cherish for years to come, they are sadly just left to become memories, otherwise.
Forever Roses are designed and treated to give you more time with your beautiful, heartfelt gifts. These flowers will endure the months and seasons to come, meaning that you will never have to worry about the passage of time or the cold or warm seasons in between.
Forever Roses are also available in wonderful presentation boxes, so you can offer these gifts to your friends, loved ones and family members whenever you desire. What's more, there is never any need for you to care for the flowers, as they will continue to look spectacular for months without watering!
Why not take a closer look at Forever Roses and find your own perfect box today?
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