Forever rose box

What Makes The Best Gift – Forever Roses or Chocolates?

It’s safe to say that flowers and chocolates are two of the most enduring gift ideas that couples and loved ones love to give one another. Floral arrangements are not only beautiful to look at but can really freshen up a space. That’s why we take the effort to preserve the beauty of a rose at its most elegant. Using a careful treatment, we make sure our Forever Roses stay looking wonderful for at least a year with careful ownership.

However, chocolates are always tempting – and are likely to be a very popular gift idea throughout the year! So – let’s consider why Forever Roses make for better gifts than the odd box of chocolates!

Forever Roses Will Last Months to Come
If you’re giving a gift of chocolates to someone with a sweet tooth, it’s likely they will disappear fairly quickly! However, with Forever Roses, you can be sure that they will have something to look on all year round. What use is looking upon an empty box of chocolates?

Chocolate is fun and tasty, but only for a very limited time. Forever Roses will endure the seasons, and your loved one can gaze upon them without fear of them wilting or fading in the short term.

Forever Roses are Truly Unique

When it comes to unique gifts, chocolate may miss the mark a little. You can buy chocolate in special designs and flavours, however, it’s safe to say that we all know what to expect from a bar of chocolate or a sweet treat!

With Forever Roses, your loved one receives a truly unique, unexpected gift. How many times will they have received long-lasting roses before? It’s likely to be the very first time – in which case, it is surely clear which option wins this round!

Forever Roses Are Healthier For You!

Chocolate is very tasty – but there’s a drawback. Too much chocolate is never healthy – and there’s no risk of getting fat with a bunch of flowers!

Many people who watch their diets and figures will likely prefer to receive flowers over a box of chocolates. Therefore, a Forever Rose Box is not only going to endure the months to come, it’s a gift idea which will actively help to keep the pounds off – and save your loved ones from a few trips to the dentist!

Why Choose a Forever Rose Box?

It’s likely many people will list chocolate as one of their favourite-ever things. Therefore, it’s hard to compete against! However, when it comes to stylish, unique and touching gift ideas, a box or bunch of carefully-preserved roses is likely to make much more of an impact. Your loved ones will be able to buy and enjoy chocolate any time they like – but how often might they buy a Forever Rose Box for themselves? It’s likely not very often!

Therefore, why not try something a little bit different? Regardless of the occasion, and regardless of who you’re celebrating – save their teeth and offer them a beautiful box of Forever Roses to endure the months to come.

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