Forever rose box

Why Buy Forever Roses?

Millions of people all over the world love roses. They love to buy them and to give them to their loved ones. They're an incredible symbol of love and passion! However, as with all flowers in the wild, and those you buy from stores, they will sadly wilt and fade away in the short term. But what if you were able to keep hold of your roses for longer?

Forever Roses are unique gift ideas. They are Colombian and Ecuadorian blooms which are treated with a formula that keeps their beauty and shape for much longer than a standard rose or bouquet might. But why else should you buy Forever Roses over traditional bouquets? Let's take a closer look.

They Will Last a Long Time
Naturally, one of the best reasons to invest in Forever Roses is for the longevity. A Forever Rose, unlike a normal flower or plant, will withstand months of use. This means that you can expect a wonderful Forever Rose to last more than a year, at least, with no care necessary. This means you can keep them wherever you like, and you can keep them looking great without breaking out a watering can or any kind of plant food.

We all know that the major drawback to receiving flowers is that, eventually, they will die. Forever Roses last longer than any other blooms – so why not keep the beauty alive in your home for longer?
They Don't Need Watering
One of the drawbacks of receiving flowers – if you can call it a drawback at all – is that you will need to water and care for them. For many people, this shouldn't be too much hassle! However, after a time, it can get difficult to look after your plants if you are busy or unable to get to them as often as you like.

Forever Roses are treated so that they need no additional care after you present them. This means that you can keep them in their presentation cases or place them in vases without the need for any kind of additional food, water or light. They will look fantastic from room to room!
They Come in a Variety of Colours
Roses, naturally, come in a range of different colours, tints and shades. But what about blues and golds? You can buy Forever Roses in classic colours such as red and pink, however, there is something that little bit extra special about a rose that's a colour you don't expect. How fantastic would it be to receive a spectacular box of gold roses on your birthday or on Valentine's Day? It's a superb gift idea that will really stand head and shoulders above any other types of rose or flower you might otherwise think of buying.

Forever Roses are quickly becoming the must-give gift for people looking for long-lasting, stunning gifts and blooms. Perfect for special occasions or just as a one-off treat, why not take a look at our range of flowers and see which collections appeal to you the most?

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